Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin was born in 1952 in St. Petersburg, which was then known as Leningrad in the Soviet Union. Putin went to Leningrad State University where he studied law. After he graduated in 1975 he joined the KGB.

Putin stayed in the KGB until 1990 where he reached the position of Lieutenant Colonel. In the August coup against the government of Mikhail Gorbachev, Putin decided which side he was on instantly and left the KGB for a political career.

In 1998 he moved to Moscow where he moved into Boris Yeltsin’s administration, eventually being appointed Prime Minister by Yeltsin as Putin had been responsible for the relations between central and local governments.

On his retirement, Boris Yeltsin named Putin as his successor until the next election. Putin won the next election with 72% of the vote.

The Russian system prevented him from running for a third term and so was replaced by Boris Medvedev, with Putin standing as his prime minister. Changes to the term laws meant that he could stand again in 2012 and he has been president ever since. In Putin’s first eight years as president, the Russian economy grew every year, year on year.

Putin has been married once and has two children. He has kept his private life intensely private but for some reason has a penchant about being photographed half naked doing purportedly manly things.

Donald John Trump was born in Queens New York in 1946. He dropped out of Fordham University though he did eventually get a degree from the Wharton Business School in Pennsylvania. Between 1964 and1968 he received four deferments from serving in the military, after which he suffered from bone spurs and finally in 1972 managed to get exempted permanently.

He went into the family business in 1971. He expanded it over the years to include hotels, resorts and golf clubs. The company is involved in more than 4,000 lawsuits; about half and half as plaintiff.  He personally has never declared bankruptcy but between 1991 and 2009 the company has declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy six times.

In addition to his business enterprise, he has also written a number of books and been a TV personality for the show the Apprentice.

Mr. Trump has five children from three wives and is known for a string of sexist, misogynist comments. Since the first days of his presidency there have been whispers of the word impeachment, but no loud voices from those in power.

Politically, Mr. Trump has never had an approval rating above 50% and has the worst approval rating of most modern American presidents. Currently, his approval rating stands a little below 40%.

He is known as having problems with facts and alternative ones. In the first 558 days of his presidency, he has been known to misspeak 4,229 times. His average misspeaking score is as high as 7.6 times per day – up from the early days of his term where the number was only 4.9 a day.

No wonder Putin runs rings around Trump.