It has not slipped past anyone that D.J. Trump has never been known to utter a negative word against V.V. Putin. Their relationship is one of such intense speculation that some have even posited that he, Trump, is somehow under the thumb of him, Putin. Does the Russian premier have naked photos?There’s not much else that could be more embarrassing after the display on the world stage in the summer of 2018.

Prior to the Helsinki summit, Trump threatened NATO publicly, criticized the UK prime minister on Brexit and identified the European Union as a foe of America. He also suggested that the poor relationship with Russia had as its cause American stupidity.

Then came the summit itself where things went from face-palming to cries of treason. He called Putin strong and powerful, claiming he trusted Putin over the American intelligence agencies. He, Trump, has been consistent in the message while Putin stands above the adoration with aplomb.

It’s the stuff of spy novels

Trump’s actions were so egregious that some people wondered if he is some sort of agent on behalf of Russia.

Had this been written into a spy novel, there would have been some deep dark secret from the past which would give one a hold over the other. For the ordinary person, if this had come from a TV character it could not have been any less believable.

But, say espionage aficionados, Trump’s behavior in Helsinki is precisely the opposite you’d expect. Someone who was in Russian pay or under their hold would have decried the situation in an attempt to deflect attention, not to garner it.

Is Trump a useful idiot?

It was Madeleine Albright who floated the idea of Trump being a useful idiot. Of the two of them, Putin is the more adept political operator and the one with a higher level of experience of what it means to be a political operator.

Of what we know of Trump, this would be an insult to his self-image and not something he would take lying down easily. So that too is perhaps not the answer.

Past business dealings

The Trump business organization has filed Chapter 11 on more than one occasion; six in fact. One possible suggestion is the existence of kompromat – that is compromising material and the possibility that some money laundering took place in the past.

While the possibility of money laundering comes across as plausible, for Putin to have this hold one can only imagine that Trump either does not know what it is or how much there is.

Putin isn’t a paragon of virtue

At Helsinki, Putin himself said a number of things which make it clear that it is to his advantage to have an unstable US and keep things unbalanced. For example, he did not explicitly deny the existence of kompromat, and he admitted he had wanted Trump to win.

There’s a Chinese proverb that says ‘hoping that you live in interesting times’.Let’s hope we all live through these interesting times.